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Girl Child Project

Girl Child Project


Aashirwad School

Aashirwad School aims to educate, empower, enrich, & enliven the lives of girl children

Complete Education

Primary, Secondary and Higher education and providing a Vocational Training

210 Girls each year

Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education of 210 Girl Children each year & eliminate Girl Child Labour

Bridge School for Girls

Girl Child Bridge School set up at Kukatpally where the intake is of 210 students

Child Rights

Children have a Right to Participation, Dignity, Love, Care & Affection

Only Education

Education- the only road to Freedom from Exploitation


Counseling / Rehabilitation. Bridge School Enrollment are tools of Transformation

630 Girls Reached

Since last three years the project has rescued, educated and mainstreamed 630 girls.

GIRL CHILD PROJECT – For vulnerable and working young girls in slums

Aashirwad a school for girl children aims to educate, empower, enrich, and enliven the lives of girl children. The journey once embarked will help them acquire primary, secondary and higher education, provide a vocational training and prepare them for a bright successful future.

We Value

Right of every Child Labourer to meaning ful Education.

  • Education- the only road to Freedom from Exploitation
  • Every child deserves a childhood
  • Children’s have a Right to Participation, Dignity, Love, Care& affection


providing dignified learning environment to vulnerable girl children….


Elimination of girl child labour in the target area by 2018

Solution: Education is the only way…

  • Education enhance the development of self-esteem
  • Education offers a possibility. To learn to think for themselves.
  • To make choices and to form their own opinion.
  • Educated girl children learn to think for themselves and to claim their rights.
  • Education is a Pre- condition to sustainable development and the building of a democratic society
  • Educated women make extra efforts to ensure education for their children.


  • To employ ‘Education’ as a preventive pedagogy to curb Girl Children being exploited
  • To empower Children to have their own identity and lead a dignified life
  • To provide opportunities to acquire bridge school, formal school education and Vocational training
  • To assist them in their holistic psycho-social development
  • To assist them to settle down independently in society
  • To sensitize the community and empower ultra poor families

Process  in place

  • The transformation that the child worker (labourer) undergoes after being Rescued by CHORD is because of Counseling / Rehabilitation. Bridge School Enrollment.
  • Mainstreaming to Aashirwad English Medium School.
  • CHORD transforms the lives of child workers (labourers) at multiple levels.

Supporting Agency: Qualcomm, Hyderabad

Target Area: Gokul Plots slum, Kukatpally

Target Group:

  • Children between the age group of 3 – 7 years


  • 1,400 Girl Children Educated & Mainstreamed
  • Model Remedial School Established
  • Multi Stakeholders Participation Promoted
  • Reduced 5% Child Labour in the Target Area

Do You know ?

  • Every sixth girl child’s death in India’s is due to gender discrimination.
  • 53% of girls in the age group of 5-9 years are illiterate.
  • When it comes to child labour girls out number boys.

Milestones of Achievements

  • Within the last three years the project has rescued, educated and mainstreamed 630 girls.
  • Aashirwad is the only Girl Child project catering to urban working girls within the Revenue Mandal in Kukatpally and the surrounding areas
  • The Project has contributed towards women empowerment as 40% of the mothers of the children have been trained in skills and were provided with livelihood opportunity through our women empowerment -skill training initiatives.
  • Project ensured reduction of Child labor by 2% in the target area.


So far, 210 children have been enrolled in the bridge school and educated 800 girl children.