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Success Stories


Success Stories

Nalli Surendra (Driver)

“Earlier, every day was a struggle when I worked as a labourer for minimal wages. I lived with a sense of hopelessness and dread. The Skill Bharath Program was the learning experience that changed my life. The Driver’s Training course helped me land a job as a driver in Qatar. I cannot be more grateful to Chord for reaching out to people like me.”

Shaheen, Tailor

“I am 18 yrs old and a resident of the Yellamabanda slum. I come from a very poor financial background and it was extremely difficult for us to make ends meet. GGP was truly a blessing in my life. The training in the Tailoring course helped me learn many different techniques and I can proudly say I am now proficient in the skill of tailoring. Chord recognized my work and I’m now chosen for further training and employment in designing in the Growth Gene Project Social Enterprise. I sincerely thank Chord for this opportunity.”

Naveen Kumar

His name is Naveen Kumar. He lost his Father when he was barely six years old on account of prolonged illness and a massive heart attack. His mother is currently eking out a living working as a domestic worker. It was his uncle who enrolled his name at the Chord School. He believes that it was the best decision he has ever made in his entire life since this has positively changed the life of the boy for good. Now Naveen is studying in 5thclass and has been doing well despite all the odds


She hails from a poor family barely eking out a living as daily wage labourers. Like many of the numerous migrant families they live in a shed in a slum viz. Gokul plots. She had to undergo the physical trauma of servitude and hard labour at such a young age and could never come to grips with the harsh reality of child labour forced upon her. After CHORD team enrolled her into the bridge school sponsored by Qualcomm, she claims to be living a dream and enjoying her childhood like all other children with dignity. Chord is providing Sailaja with free education, educational material consisting of text books, notebooks, geometry box, pencils, pens, and school uniforms, clothes, shoes, school bag, lunch box. She is presently studying in fourth class and is performing very well.